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Optimus Series Prime
10 Watt LED with long distance optics
Xmitter Prime Xtreme LED Light Bars
Most Light Output Meets Furthest Distance- 5 Watt LED
Xtreme Utility Market Series
Industrial LED Work Lights - 5 Watt LED
Utility Market Series Lights
Industrial LED Work Lights - 3 Watt LED
Mini Solo
Powerful Punch in Mini Packaging
Evo Prime
10 Watt LED Light Bar
Mining / Industrial
Mining, Construction, Heavy Equipment and Industrial Lighting
Explorer Series
4" and 6" Commercial Truck Lighting
Horizon Series
Commercial Truck Lighting
Transporter Series
Commercial Truck Lighting
PitMaster Mining Industrial Light
Modular LED Upgrade for HPS and Metal Halide
Ripper LED Lamp
Heavy-Duty Commercial and Industrial Grade Light - 5 Watt LED
Solstice Prime Series
2",4" and 6" Lamps with Prime Drive - 10 Watt LED
Solstice Series
2",4" and 6" Lamps - 10 Watt LED
Xmitter Low Profile Prime
Ultra Low Profile Prime Drive - 3 Watt LED
Reflex Series
Powerful, Ultra Compact, and Light Weight - 10 Watt LED
Amber Xmitter Prime
Amber Xmitter Prime- 3 Watt LED
Xmitter Prime
Tight Optic Patter for Optimal Lighting Distance - 3 Watt LED
Xmitter Prime Double Stack
Tight Optic Pattern for Optimal Distance - 3 Watt LED
Elite  Xmitter
Heavy Duty With Added Weather Protection - 3 Watt LED
Xmitter 3 Watt LED Light Bars
On & Off Trail Recreational Lighting - 3 Watt LED
Solar Panel Lighting System
Self-Contained Solar Lighting System
Transom and Underwater Lighting - 3 Watt LED
Creation Lighting Environmentally Friendly
High Output LED Replacement Bulbs and Tubes